About Regenesis Retreat

Join Sacha and his focused line-up of iconic change makers in one of the most beautiful settings on earth for an unforgettable and life-changing experience


About Us

ReGenesis retreats are led and orchestrated by changemaker, artist, and frontline activist Sacha Stone. Inviting participants into intimate and powerful immersions fusing consciousness, sovereignty, and creative expansion. The ReGenesis experience commits to retooling your life and reformatting your contextual framework in order to meet the Quantum shift which is gracing us as a species and a planet


The Experience

A once in a lifetime ignition of mind, body & soul! An immersive experience designed by one of the worlds foremost change makers as a living antidote to a planetary culture of lockdown, intimidation, manipulation, deception, and fraud.


If you ever wondered how the meek inherit the earth....this is most likely the answer


The Lessons

Sacha curates special and intimate workshops for each retreat with the intention of shattering limiting beliefs, providing awareness, assisting in awakening, and encouraging the embodiment of your innate sovereign and divine self.