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The Live ReGenesis Retreats launched on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, off the coast of Cancun in 2021/22 as an antidote to the engineered planetary lockdown and hysteria attempting to define itself as our new reality.


I am truly blessed to have a voice in this world and to be connected to so many extraordinary souls - many of whom are contemporary icons in truth, innovation and consciousness. Some of these friends have joined me in-situ as well as remotely at each retreat to facilitate the week-long immersions. 


The workshops, sessions and dialogues undertaken as a group have define the moral, spiritual and intellectual compass of our chosen reality, and I am delighted to say, the ReGenesis Retreat has the potential to have a profoundly life-enhancing and life-changing effect on all those who choose to open themselves up to this cosmogenetic experience. 


It is my personal wish to make the one-of-a-kind ReGenesis Retreat experience available to as many people as possible - be it by attending my future LIVE retreats, where you will join me in Bacalar, Mexico, or the Virtual experience, which offers you a 15-video set of recordings of the past retreats. 



Choose your Retreat Experience

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The virtual ReGenesis Package

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Sacha was joined, both virtually and in-situ, by leading figures in consciousness, sovereignty, wellness & innovation who lead workshops and engaged in Q&A with the retreat circle on each of the days: We have the footage now!

See the list of workshops below - now released as one package:

  • Ecstatic Conspiracy with Margot Anand

  • Conscious Birthing and Dying with Laura Uplinger

  • Trauma; Transmutation and Transcendence with Cathy O'Brien


  • Correcting History with Sacha Stone

  • Quantum Manifestation with NASA rocket scientist Shehnaz Soni

  • Syncretism with Santos Bonacci 

  • 3 hours of Q &A with David Icke (2 workshops)

  • Revealing of Life-Pod technologies launching in 2023 

  • Biological Ascension with Maria Crisler

  • Sacha and Professor Florian on the Universal Genome


Bonus Segments

  • Interview with Bibi Bacchus 

  • The Cult of Lucifer : film by Robert David Steele & Sacha Stone

  •  5G Apocalypse: the Extinction Event: film by Sacha Stone 

  • Alien Frequency Revelations part I

  • Alien Frequency Revelaions part II

Pay Once - Enjoy Forever


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 Impressions from Isla Mujeres

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"My heart felt it was going to explode. I've been bursting with joy and love for everything and everyone."
"I didn't realize the extent of transformation that my mind and soul were going to go through during this time, so it was amazing. "
"I feel a regenesis. I feel as if every cell of my being is vibrating."
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